Vawdrey’s innovative LatchLiner buckle-less curtain system is revolutionising Australia’s commercial road transport industry.

By replacing the buckles that are traditionally found on a curtain-sider by only a handful of safe and reliable quick-release handles, the LatchLiner allows you to reduce the time-consuming opening and closing process of the curtain dramatically.

Vawdrey allows you to open all 68 buckles on a B-double in seconds, without adding any heavy and potentially damage-prone technology to the mix: The LatchLiner does not require any pneumatic, hydraulic or electric support and will last you a lifetime.

Boost your productivity and improve your OH&S rating while adding directly to your bottom line!

Boost your OH&S performance

Minimise physical impact on both drivers and loading staff – using the LatchLiner does not demand any physical force.

Increase your productivity

Open up to 34 buckles at the one time and fit more loads diflucan generic online into one day.

Upgrade your fleet now

The LatchLiner is retro-fittable on any curtain-sider – from standard semi-trailers through to B-doubles and PBS-approved equipment, even in drop-deck and high-cube configurations. It is also suitable for use with mezzanine decks.

Improve your load restraint system

In support of the LatchLiner system, Vawdrey has reinforced the structural integrity of our curtains to reduce wear and improve longevity.