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A future-proof approach

CTR has taken delivery of a bulk order of Iceliner freezer vans from Vawdrey Australia to bolster its thermally efficient distribution fleet. Unprecedented demand for the movement of essential goods across New South Wales and Queensland demands the best in refrigerated transport technology.

Trailer rental firm, CTR, is based in Dandenong South and has, over the years, since its founding in 2002, supported major trucking outfits including Toll, Camerons, Coles and Woolworths with their refrigerated transport requirements.

Peter Dinicol, CTR founder and Managing Director, says the business has flourished on word of mouth alone and has also experienced a steady rise in support due to these more recent Covid times.

“Peoples’ eating and social habits have well and truly changed due to the lockdowns in the past year,” he says. “We have seen a spike in demand for local distribution equipment as a direct result of people opting to enjoy meals at home rather than dining in restaurants. You could say we’ve hit a bit of a purple patch in light of these unprecedented highs with supplying more and more refrigerated transport equipment to those companies engaged in essential services work.”

A new contract involving the cartage of dairy products – bulk milk, cream and custard – throughout country New South Wales and regional Queensland demanded robust, reliable and thermally efficient freezer vans so Peter turned to longstanding trailer supplier and partner, Vawdrey Australia.

“Vawdrey have made leaps and bounds in their product development and we are already seeing the advantages,” Peter says. “The latest freezer vans from Vawdrey are fitted with Thermo King Advancer trailer refrigeration units and are the first of their kind to run in Australia. “These Iceliners need to hold their temperature, especially when operating in the warmer climate of Queensland, and the good news is they are practically over spec’d for their intended freight tasks. Normally, these units only need to operate at ambient temps or up to -2°C however, these vans are rated for at least -18°C thanks to the quality of the build and insulation of the panel walls.”

The Vawdrey freezer vans are so thermally efficient that Peter is also happy to report there is significantly less fuel burn from the fridge. “It’s better for the economy, ensures extended service lifetime and minimises fuel spend.”

A full-length lightweight steel chassis, according to Vawdrey, gives the trailer the added strength and durability that is necessary for heavy duty applications without adversely affecting payload capacity. Vawdrey’s refrigerated trailer design constantly seek new materials, designs and manufacturing processes that not only improve thermal efficiencies but also provide a robust product with low tare weight.

Other Iceliner features that come as standard include full width skid plate and lead in plates as well as cross member end cap side rails in one piece that provides a stronger join between the trailer walls and the floor. Also, laminated fibreglass internal joins provide a stronger, leak proof and more efficient body.

Peter has worked with Vawdrey since the mid-2000s and has maintained that professional relationship for many reasons.

“Vawdrey are great people,” he says. “As a family-owned operation that cares for its customers I know that if I have a question or need to sort something out I can give Paul Vawdrey a call at any time on any day and he’ll pick up the phone. From time to time I also rely on Vawdrey’s dealer knowledge and engineering experience to determine the best fit for the fleets we support – in fact, this recent freezer van order came to fruition because of their attention to detail and commitment to providing the most thermally efficient and suitable road transport equipment. Overall, the freezer vans are well spec’d for now as well as for future jobs. We will continue to see the benefits of investing in Vawdrey Iceliners for years to come.”


Fast Fact: CTR, like many transport companies, recognise the benefits they can gain by choosing solid Australian built trailers that have been designed specifically for Australian conditions and are supported by a network of local branches.

Fast Fact: Vawdrey’s specialised freezer van design is manufactured and assembled at Vawdrey Australia’s Dandenong South plant, offering fleet operators greater flexibility in specifications along with faster turnaround times.


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