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A pioneer in payload potential

Visy Logistics is trialling a unique Performance-Based Standards–approved curtainsider from Vawdrey Australia that enables optimal fleet versatility via ingenious side and top-loading design.

With humble beginnings as a cardboard box factory in 1948, reinvention is not a new concept for Visy. Over the years, the business has expanded its service capabilities from packaging, paper and recycling to domestic and international freight forwarding.

Now a privately-owned packaging and resource recovery company, with more than 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand – along with trading offices across Asia, Europe and the US – Visy embraces globalisation and cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Visy’s logistics division, which has been active since 2006 in Australia, complements the core business and is open to innovative developments in its trailer fleet, which is why it turned to Vawdrey Australia for an advanced trailer build.

A common challenge for many road freight businesses is maximising the utility of their trailers, especially when there are potentially wasted opportunities for reloading cargo for return trips, according to Vawdrey Australia Director, Paul Vawdrey.

“Visy Logistics required a trailer that was capable of side-loading paper reels, and after that delivery could be top-loaded with steel products or vice versa,” he says. “To achieve this specification, our in-house Performance-Based Standards (PBS) team developed a patented design, featuring a 2.8m high side opening to suit the paper reel freight. The trailer has an overall height of 4.6m.”

The curtain-side of the trailer is fitted with Vawdrey’s load-rated auto buckle-less system.

“The system allows the operator to open and close the curtain without having to open and close each individual buckle, radically accelerating the loading and unloading procedure,” Paul says. “The added benefit of the auto buckle-less system is that it eliminates the need to manually adjust buckles or handle load restraint gates. This innovation not only promotes greater efficiency gains but also reinforces more effective OH&S practices for Visy Logistics.”

While the curtains of the trailer are optimised with the latest in load restraint technologies from Vawdrey Australia, the fold-away roof bow system with automated roll tarp is equally impressive.

“The trailer’s roof system is robust and also emphasises improved safety for vehicle operators,” Paul says. “It is fully automatic and can be remotely controlled from the ground, enabling a clear loading aperture.”

Paul explains that the longevity of the Vawdrey product is a testament to the overall quality of the build. “The trailer was designed in consultation with Visy Logistics for a specific freight task and the team has applied its specialised knowledge and industry best practice to develop a unique and highly advanced trailer for the Australian market.”

Following these pioneering developments on the trailer scene, the Vawdrey name carries a lot of weight in the commercial road transport industry. While the independent trailer builder is renowned for its outstanding PBS achievements, it also backs its customers with solid after sales support.

“The Vawdrey Australia team provides timely service and repairs and has access to a well-stocked spare parts outlet to ensure minimal downtime,” Paul says. “For forward-thinking companies like Visy Logistics, we will continue to lead the way with new ideas that emphasise improved safety, productivity and fleet utility, while also ensuring that our customers always have the technical support they need.”

Fast Fact: Australia’s largest independent trailer builder, Vawdrey Australia, is committed to delivering the most advanced and efficient trailers for local road transport operators. With a dedicated in-house team of Performance-Based Standards specialists and experienced engineers, Vawdrey continues to push the limits of trailer design.

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