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A trusted name in the field of PBS

TR Group’s recent acquisition of Semi Skel Hire has opened the doors to further growth. New to the world of Performance-Based Standards, TR Semi Skel Hire sought an expert in this field and found this in the form of Vawdrey Australia.

TR Semi Skel Hire’s first 10 Vawdrey PBS-approved A-doubles were delivered in October, representing stage one of its plans to begin offering these high productivity solutions to its customers. These are also the first pieces of equipment to be sporting the brand’s new white and black livery.

“There has been increasing demand for PBS and we saw an opportunity in the market for the hire of this sort of equipment. Obtaining PBS approvals is a complicated process and various transport companies are hiring people specifically to help them with it. Vawdrey Australia is a pioneer in the PBS field and we plan to continue working with them for all of our PBS requirements. At the moment, PBS-approved A-doubles are highly called for, but regulations and specifications change all the time, so with the help of Vawdrey, we’ll be keeping right up with any changes and moving along with these,” explains Kim Kelly, State Manager – Victoria at TR Semi Skel Hire.

According to Kim, the system Vawdrey has in place to support its PBS offering was really attractive to the business. “The Vawdrey team provides a wealth of knowledge in the PBS domain, especially while we’re still learning about the PBS process and the permits that go along with that. Vawdrey provides us with the technical knowledge and support we need so we can support our customers.”

Kim’s father Geoff Kelly started Semi-Skel Hire in 1994. Though he has now retired from his role, he continues to be available as a consultant to the business, while his son David Kelly works in the role of Fleet and Operations Manager.

Based in Yarraville, Melbourne, with a hire fleet of over 1200 trailers and more on order, Semi Skel Hire became one of the largest trailer rental businesses in Victoria.

New Zealand business TR Group was founded in 1992 and has a fleet of approximately 5500 rental and lease vehicles across New Zealand. It purchased Semi-Skel Hire, effective 1 July 2019, following years of investigating the Australian market.

Kim says her family made the decision to sell their business to accommodate further growth and allow the business to reach its full potential, with plans already afoot for its national expansion.

“The acquisition has opened up opportunities to begin opening up depots Australia-wide, as well as giving us the ability to purchase more equipment across more categories, including PBS and trailers for the construction sector. With TR Group and the fantastic relationships it has in New Zealand, it is bringing its values over to us and we are hoping to replicate its success in Australia,” Kim says.

TR Semi Skel Hire is currently in the process of setting up a new depot in Brisbane, which will be operational before the year’s end. The next step will be further down the eastern seaboard, before heading towards the west.

Along with the recent delivery of Vawdrey PBS-approved A-doubles, the company has also ordered a number of B-double flat tops to accommodate for an increase in equipment demand. In mid-October, TR Semi Skel Hire also began offering prime mover hire, which will mean customers can hire a full PBS-approved truck and trailer combination. “We’ll be working closely with Vawdrey in obtaining all of our PBS permits. With the introduction of prime mover hire, customers will be able to hire out the full unit,” Kim says.

“PBS is new to us and while the goal is to have these combinations out for long term hire, it also means people can hire the equipment just for a day if they need to. And if one of their PBS combinations is off the road for a month, being able to get the prime mover at the same time will make it a lot easier.”

As TR Semi Skel Hire braces for nationwide growth, its fleet will grow too. With the company’s commitment to PBS going forward, TR Semi Skel Hire will continue to build its relationship with Vawdrey.

Fast Fact: Vawdrey Australia is committed to delivering quality road transport equipment that increases productivity and efficiency for freight businesses. As the largest independent trailer manufacturer in the country, Vawdrey supplies the latest in trailer technologies and innovative engineering designs.

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