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All Road

All Road holds the line with Vawdrey

The directors of All Road Transport talk about the growth of their business and the success they have had with Vawdrey Trailer’s Rigid Titeliners – after recently adding to their fleet. 

Goran Langovski and Kevin Paulwent both owned and operated a couple of trucks each when they decided to form one company together – All Road Transport. From operating out of their home garages, they opened their first warehouse in Derrimut, Victoria, within six months of establishing the company. Their combined experience in the industry, the work ethic they fostered within the business and the level of reliability they offered their clients has seen All Road grow leaps and bounds within a decade.

“From running four trucks back then, today we have over 60 trucks including 25 linehaul trucks, 40 trailers, and a fleet of 30 odd local trucks,” Kevin says.

All Road specialises in transport of general, refrigerated, express and sensitive freight and local distribution. Each business division is managed by a team of experienced staff that is equipped to offer custom freight and transport solutions from ad hoc to dedicated runs and short-notice jobs.

“Our linehaul side of operations have increased dramatically over the last few years,” Goran says. “We have a bigger office team now, and our operations run 24/7 service at the moment. We have over 70 drivers in the team and two mechanics in Melbourne.”

“Since the start we have been focused on safety and compliance and have been investing heavily in both those aspects,” Kevin says. “Our fleet is meticulously maintained and each truck and trailer combination is fully equipped with all the necessary elements needed to handle all kinds of jobs. Our fleet is also fitted with high-tech communication to maintain smooth and safe operations.”

Goran agrees. He says the standard of safety and compliance set by their team is the reason they go for products that tick both those boxes for them. That was a key consideration for them to go back to Vawdrey for the new trailers.

The first sets of Vawdrey Titeliners operate on the Melbourne to Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane routes, hauling a range of general freight items to express parcels since 2017.

Kevin and Goran agree that Vawdrey offer excellent customer support for the clients so if anything goes wrong, they know that they have Vawdrey’s support, adding that the quality of workmanship is such that the trailers don’t require persistent maintenance.

“The reason we keep buying Vawdrey is because we don’t hear anything bad from our team about these trailers,” Goran says. “Our mechanics and drivers have never complained about any issues with them. If there is a need to fix something on one of these trailers, once you get it done it is fixed properly, whereas on other trailers we constantly hear about a problem or other.”

Specialising in high quality and custom designed products, Vawdrey offers a range of Titeliner (curtainsider) models from rigid bodies, dog and pig trailers through to semi-trailer configurations. The Titeliner range features several options such as flat deck, drop deck, double drop deck, triple drop deck, mezzanine decks, roll back leads, load rated curtains, LatchLiner curtains, auto buckle-less curtains, lightweight steel gates, aluminium gates, hanging gates, centre gates, insulated refrigerated and more.

The new Vawdrey Titeliners meet All Road’s high safety standards through a range of features such as air-operated pop-up coaming rail barriers to prevent a forklift from careering off the side of the trailer during rear dock loading or unloading, Super-Strap curtains, load rated to 1,430kg per pallet space, which eliminate the need for gates in general freight applications, the wedged-shaped roof that provides more headroom as the trailer is loaded.

Having faith in the product reliability and efficiency, and superior customer service offered by the Vawdrey team, Goran and Kevin are confident of their decision to choose Vawdrey for the next order.

“Our operations run 24×7 across the country – from eastern states to Northern Territory and Western Australia,” Goran says. “We are looking to expand 30 per cent every year on curtainsiders and refrigerated each and are currently looking to set up a new distribution centre in Sydney. There have been some challenges on our journey, but Kevin and I are both very happy with our operations now. We’re happy with our fleet. The Vawdrey trailers have been performing really well over time, we don’t encounter any major maintenance issues, they are built for long-term use and also have a good resale value. They use quality steel in their products that results in a high-quality and dependable trailer.”

Original article published on Trailer Magazine. 

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