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Cool runnings

To take advantage of the rising refrigerated freight transport task, Orix engaged with Vawdrey Australia for the latest in temperature-controlled transport – Iceliner freezer vans.

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the global market size for the refrigerated vehicle market is projected to reach $18 billion by 2020, with 3.01 billion tonnes worth of perishable commodities during the same period. The report’s projected growth of frozen foods is promising, with opportunities from emerging markets throughout the Asia-Pacific region particularly apparent.

These trends are influencing the Australian commercial road transport industry, specifically those looking for areas to expand in the perishable commodities market. A case in point is national transport provider, Orix, which is taking on the growing task with Vawdrey Australia’s latest freezer van offering, the Iceliner.

Orix recently ordered ten Vawdrey Iceliner freezer vans to add to its national rental fleet and according to Orix National Manager – Commercial Hire, Bruce Goddard, the company will use the Iceliners to cart general frozen goods throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

“Orix specialises in the acquisition, leasing and management of passenger and commercial vehicles. Orix also has an extensive selection of trucks, trailers and 4WDs available for rent to cover a broad variety of applications,” says Bruce. “Orix is always looking to expand its rental fleet and the refrigerated rental market is a key area in which we can see potential growth.”

According to Vawdrey National Sales Director, Paul Vawdrey, Orix knew exactly what it needed to expand its fleet – custom freezer vans. The two companies have a professional relationship that spans over 20 years; the trailer manufacturer refined its Iceliner design to accommodate for Orix’s specific commercial transport requirements.

In September, Orix received ten tri-axle, high-cube, 22-pallet capacity Vawdrey Iceliners with distribution flooring, running Carrier X4 7500 fridge units with custom Razor eLegs, Paul says. “The latest Vawdrey Iceliners that we supplied to Orix have a full-length lightweight steel chassis, full-width skidplate, and have been optimised for improved tare weight,” he adds.

Aluminium rub rails welded to the floor not only strengthen the integrity of the trailer, but also improve what was previously an ‘over-engineered’ design, which Paul says is one of the perks of the latest build. “Trailer construction included galvanised cross-members and rear frame, and we also added Razor eLegs to ensure that the freezer van build was enhanced with the latest in landing leg automation,” he says. “As for the floor, the trailer features a knurled aluminium non-slip surface, which is also rated for forklifts and is ideal for frozen goods deliveries.”

The Iceliner features 40mm fibreglass/foam sidewall panels that can hold temperatures as low as -23°C. The trailer also has a 105mm insulated roof, which allows the Carrier refrigeration unit to operate at peak energy efficiency while keeping frozen goods at optimal temperatures.

“The team at Vawdrey are great to deal with, whether it be in new trailer sales, procuring second-hand equipment or simply dealing with its service and engineering department,” says Bruce. “Orix enjoys its partnership with Vawdrey – and in our experience, Vawdrey stands by its products and supports them very well.”

With new Vawdrey freezer vans to improve its expanding fleet in the wake of new refrigerated transport opportunities and growing consumer demand for frozen goods, Bruce says Orix will be continue to provide comprehensive commercial transport rental and leasing solutions for businesses big and small throughout Australia.

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