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F1: Formula of success

Located in Mildura in the North West Region of Victoria, GTS has grown to become a leading force in Australia’s commercial road transport industry. Based on a positive “can do” attitude and innovative transport equipment by Vawdrey, owner Damien Matthews has now launched a new company – F1 Logistics.

F1 is a pure linehaul transport company that will have a single customer – GTS Freight Management. “F1 does not have to carry all the overheads of GTS, meaning it is based on a lean cost model which allows us to isolate and better understand the true cost of running a pure linehaul transport business,” Damien explains. “Being lean, it will ensure that we can continue to grow with our current clientele and also expand our customer base.”

The new business will operate from the Head Office of GTS and be operationally controlled by GTS. “I’m excited by this new company,” says Damien. “It will consolidate and compliment the solid business that GTS has developed since 1980.”

Yet the new company does not have to start off from scratch, it can draw on GTS’ tried and true fleet, management and infrastructure. “F1 will outsource many of its facets – such as maintenance, fuelling, washing, scheduling etc. – to GTS. The beauty of such a structure is that the company only pays for what it uses, without carrying the overhead. This strategy will ensure it can grow at a controlled rate,” says Damien. “In fact, the formation of this new business is the strategy that we have employed to continue the growth of the group. Customers can expect the same high level of service, support and innovation from F1 as they have and continue to get from GTS.”

F1 will offer road linehaul transport focusing on high-utilisation routes and contracts. Therefore, the company has started taking delivery of a new fleet of prime movers, accompanied by specialised B-double tautliners and Wingliners, the majority of which bearing the Vawdrey seal.

“The combined fleet comprises 125 B-double prime movers and 180 B-double sets. The intention is to grow the fleet through F1, with our yearly expectation planned to continue in double digits,” Damien explains.

“GTS is the largest private supplier of road linehaul glass bottle transport in Australia. Coupled with our ongoing commitment to improving operational efficiency, product quality on transit and OH&S standards, the trailer designs we chose to have Vawdrey build were a logical match.”

Following the GTS example, the new F1 fleet will be standardised regarding size and capacity. “F1 will be 36 pallet space across the board to cart both glass bottles and palletised finished goods for the wine, beverage and grocery industry as well as inputs and products diflucan generic that support these,” says Damien. “From a technical point of view, it will be one of the most modern fleets in the country.

“We have just received 24 load restraint curtain siders with pneumatic centre walls, for instance, because we think it’s the trailer of choice to cart glass bottles and finished goods. In fact, Vawdrey have always been forthcoming with supporting GTS as it strives to be an industry leader in trailer design specific to our customer base and their requirements.”

“Damien and myself have a very strong relationship – we’ve been working closely together for the past 16 years, and we have already built 486 trailers on behalf of GTS. I know that GTS is always looking for new ways to handle freight more efficiently and safely. That’s why we continue working on OH&S compliant equipment to ensure a safe, positive work environment. Therefore, the new, fully automatic buckle less curtain siders were just another milestone suitable for the new venture,” says Vawdrey’s National Sales Director, Paul Vawdrey.

“So far, the Vawdrey trailers are proving to be the most efficient, easily operated and best performing – from a quality and load restraint perspective – of all the load restraint curtain design trailers we have commissioned and employed,” Damien resumes.

In addition, F1 added a Vawdrey Wingliner to the young fleet. The innovative design of the Wingliner has placed Vawdrey as a pioneer within the Australian transport industry. “The Wingliner delivers a competitive edge to customers involved in active goods distribution and provides solutions for the transport industry as a whole by increasing profitability,” says Paul.

While F1 will outsource maintenance and repair services to the GTS workshop, the new company’s outward appearance will leave no doubt that it is an independent venture. “F1 has a stunning new, fresh colour scheme and logo that will set it apart in the industry,” Damien announces. The dynamic purple graphics on a sparkling black background indicate both technical expertise and customer orientation, as the opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create an intriguing colour.

In fact, the vibrant purple and black colour scheme is indicating a bright future. “If you’re not growing then you are going backwards,” says Damien. “Therefore we are always seeking opportunities to grow our customer base within our business model, and continue to keep an open mind on future directions and opportunities.“

To be part of F1’s future expansion plan, a trailer has to provide efficiency, high quality, value for money and a design that is suited to task, Damien adds. “Plus we need a good back up service. In my eyes, Vawdrey can tick all the boxes.”