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Game-changing innovation

A recent engineering innovation by Vawdrey Australia is providing G1 Logistics with maximum freight flexibility and exceptional carrying capacity.

Delivered in July 2019, a new 42-metre, 58-pallet, Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved AB-triple combination by Vawdrey is achieving a Gross Combination Mass of 108 tonnes.

The highest capacity trailer to enter the G1 Logistics fleet, this innovative AB-triple is providing greatly enhanced efficiency, as it traverses from Adelaide to Perth each week, carrying wine products on the way over and general freight on the return trip. A 36-pallet B-double also currently undertakes the exact same route.

Impressed by the productivity gains offered by the AB-triple, G1 Logistics are already planning to convert the 36-pallet B-double combination into an AB-triple as well.

Based in Mildura, in Victoria’s north-west, G1 Logistics is part of the GTS Freight Group, which was started in 1980, when Don Matthews established a transport business to service local wineries, using just one semi trailer. From these humble beginnings, G1 Logistics now runs a large fleet of high productivity trailer combinations – predominantly manufactured by Vawdrey – to provide its national linehaul services across Australia.

The GTS Freight Group operates a national fleet of approximately 150 prime movers and 460 trailers, with Don’s son Damien Matthews at the helm, as Managing Director and sole shareholder.

The business continues to experience strong growth. As Damien reveals, in recent years, GTS has grown an average of 20 per cent per annum. With this constant growth has come the need to continue to expand the already impressive fleet.

“The business has grown off the back of the local wine and beverage industry,” Damien says. “More recently, we’ve also entered into the supermarket supply chain as well.”

The pristine G1 Logistics fleet is instantly recognisable out on the highway, sporting its black and purple livery. For over 30 years, the business has worked closely with Vawdrey to develop its highly customised trailer fleet.

“There’s no doubt that Vawdrey builds a very good trailer that always works very well in our fleet but the relationships are a strong part of it too,” Damien says.

“We have a very strong relationship with the Vawdrey team. They provide quick responses if we ever have any issues and are very flexible and accommodating to our needs. We aren’t interested in an off-the-shelf trailer. We customise our equipment to best suit our customers’ needs, and Vawdrey is always very accommodating.

“When we have an idea for a trailer, we sit down together with Vawdrey to try and come up with the most innovative solution, thinking outside of the square to see how we can add value to our customers. My senior leadership team also has input into our trailer designs, so we can discuss what works for our needs and what doesn’t.”

The new 42-metre AB-triple is yet another Vawdrey PBS design initiative. The combination that was purchased by G1 Logistics is only the fourth of these that Vawdrey has so far produced. The teams at Vawdrey and G1 Logistics worked together to obtain PBS access permits and approvals; and the AB-triple is currently accessing approved Level 3 PBS networks.

A flexible solution, the Vawdrey AB-triple combination is compatible with any of the fleet’s existing 36-pallet B-doubles, when used with the new prime mover, lead trailer and dolly. As with the rest of the fleet, it features the same lightweight construction, load restraint systems, LatchLiner curtains and WABCO Electronic Braking Systems (EBS). By taking advantage of the latest in high tensile, lightweight materials, Vawdrey has achieved an AB-triple solution with close to 72 tonnes of usable payload capacity.

For G1 Logistics, PBS has been a real

game-changer. The business now operates upwards of 50 trailers under PBS – and they’ve all been produced by Vawdrey, including its fleet of PBS-approved Hi-Cube Vawdrey B-doubles.

“PBS has been a massive change for us. It’s given us so much more opportunity to achieve efficiency gains so we can offer customers more competitive solutions,” Damien says – adding that Vawdrey has been instrumental in helping the business take full advantage of the possibilities PBS offers. “Vawdrey has been very helpful in getting our PBS approvals. We’re regionally based and the Vawdrey team has no issue getting on a plane and visiting us on a regular basis. If we have a problem, the response is very quick and the Australia-wide back-up service offers added peace of mind. The relationship with Vawdrey is very strong. We’re loyal to each other. G1 Logistics and GTS have a strong fleet expansion plan and as that continues, we’ll continue to keep working with Vawdrey.”

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