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High cube solutions with Vawdrey

It’s no secret that developing a solid customer relationship is the foundation for return business. Vawdrey Australia has long understood this business principle, and its on-going partnership with SRV Road Freight Services is evidence that putting your client first does contribute to long-term gains.

Queensland family business SRV Road Freight Services likes to keep its operation simple. While its daily workload is far from that, the bottom line for the company is ensuring each job gets done with minimum fuss and in line with SRV’s core values of safety, reliability and value for money.

“Satisfying the customer, getting the freight to its destination on time and using the best transport equipment available on the market are the things that matter at the end of the day,” says Errol Crosgrove, General Manager of Operations, SRV Road Freight Services. “But being a family-owned company, we also value the relationships we make along the way. In fact, we treat each of our business partners and suppliers as one of our own, because they are essentially part of SRV’s extended family.”

This personal approach is none more evident than in SRV’s partnership with Vawdrey Australia. The trailer manufacturer has designed nearly 90 per cent of the 78 trailers in SRV’s fleet and according to Errol, that isn’t going to change anytime soon. “Vawdrey has long established a strong reputation in Australia’s trailer building market, but what often goes unnoticed is the people representing the company behind the scenes, like Shayne Nicholls, Sales Consultant for Vawdrey Queensland,” he says. “I’ve known Shayne for the past 15 years now and having done so much business with him, we treat him as another member of our family. We’ve always wanted to align ourselves with suppliers who share the same values as SRV and Vawdrey embodies that. Whenever we get a chance to catch-up with Mick and Paul Vawdrey, they always make us feel right at home and that’s an important factor in a relationship where we’re both striving to achieve success in our respective markets.”

On the never-ending quest to increase payload and productivity across its fleet, SRV recently caught up with generic diflucan online Shayne again to discuss a B-double curtain-sider concept that could meet both requirements. Shayne was quick to respond, recommending Vawdrey’s Performance-Based Standards (PBS)-approved B-double drop deck ‘Titeliner’ combination that was just released to the Australian transport market earlier this year.

Vawdrey’s Titeliner B-double features 169m2 of high-cube capacity including a 4.6m high frame. Under PBS-approval, the Titeliner is able to operate at a 65-tonne capacity based on Concessional Mass Limits (CML) governed by Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The combination of Vawdrey’s slick craftsmanship and its proven track record with SRV was enough to convince Errol to purchase four sets of the PBS B-doubles. “Shayne’s service and knowledge of the industry and the product made the purchasing decision relatively easy,” Errol notes.

According to SRV, each new B-double Titeliner can carry up to 36 pallets on the floor – 14 in the lead and 22 in the B-trailer, or 72 pallets double stacked on mezzanine floors throughout both trailers.

“The 4.6 high cubic capacity enables our guys to load up as much as 36 pallets on the floor in one B-double combination alone,” Errol says. “This means we can transport up to 144 pallets across the four B-double combinations.”

Going into production in June, all four B-double Titeliners arrived at SRV’s headquarters at the start of August. The quick turnaround is another reason why SRV feels there’s no reason to look beyond Vawdrey. “Building new equipment in this current market takes lots of planning and engineering,” Errol says. “However, Vawdrey were simply fantastic in the way they explained how PBS would benefit us and executed that plan accordingly while obtaining the appropriate CML accreditation to run each B-double at 65 tonnes.”

At present, SRV says there is a good chance more Titeliners will soon join the fleet given the ability of each B-double to haul a big payload. In terms of where its current partnership stands, Errol says Vawdrey continues to meet the company’s core values of safety, reliability and value for money. By meeting these core values, SRV feels right at home with keeping Vawdrey around for the long haul.

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