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Improve the safety and efficiency of its national linehaul fleet

Lead by example

To improve the safety and efficiency of its national linehaul fleet, LINX Cargo Care Group turned to Vawdrey Australia for a bulk Performance-Based Standards-approved B-double order.

Bill Law, LINX Cargo Care Group National Asset and Compliance Manager, believes that the trailing equipment that a business uses should add value to its operations. By deploying custom spec’d semi-trailers that ensure low maintenance, optimal vehicle operator safety and significant payload and performance gains, everybody wins.

In line with his vision for a safer and more efficient road transport fleet, the diversified logistics infrastructure and solutions provider has received its biggest order to date from trailer manufacturer, Vawdrey Australia – 31 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved B-double tautliner combinations.

While Bill says that the company’s key mandate is to embrace “top of the range” safety options for its specialised heavy vehicle equipment, it was Vawdrey that facilitated exceptional speed to market – making conceptual ideas a reality.

“A significant portion of the fleet needed to be refreshed and upgraded to meet the requirements of newly signed contracts,” Bill says. “This was the perfect opportunity to align the fleet with the latest safety innovations available in the market.”

Safety technology in the new equipment is compliant with strict PBS regulations, including heavy vehicle stability, according to Bill. “To satisfy PBS requirements, LINX opted for Hendrickson running gear. Specifically, we requested INTRAAX AAT250 and AAL250 11.3 tonne suspension with 16.5-inch drums, as well as HXL7 wheel-ends,” he says – adding that the PBS approval process with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and the various states involved was efficient. “Vawdrey is leading innovation in trailer safety design with PBS, and Hendrickson ticks all the boxes for efficient axle and suspension systems, so LINX agreed to purchase a total of 62 trailers, or 31 B-double combinations from Vawdrey.”

LINX General Manager Logistics, Wayne Alpen, says the new B-doubles will be optimised for multifunctional applications to meet the diverse needs of LINX’s wide range of customers.

“Carting a wide range of products in any industry is advantageous – being able to diversify freight tasks within the supply chain – making the most of a two-way trip by managing different loads between points A and B – is critical for achieving performance gains,” Wayne says.

“For instance, the wine industry is heavily reliant on the supply of empty glass bottles from the glass production plant to the winery. LINX offers a strategic advantage where it can now use the same trailers to not only carry more, but also facilitate transport of their finished product for domestic and international transport.

“This provides increased flexibility for LINX to transport various other loads such as paper reels and standardised palletised freights while maintaining safety standards and compliance,” he says.

LINX expects the new trailers to be deployed nationwide for various interstate linehaul freight tasks, running up to 250,000km a year. To manage its maintenance requirements with the new B-doubles, the logistics company has a central workshop in Griffith, New South Wales, as well as another facility in Newcastle, New South Wales, each staffed with skilled heavy vehicle mechanics.

“While LINX has its in-house maintenance team, we are excited about up-skilling opportunities with Vawdrey and Hendrickson,” Bill says.

“LINX is not just looking for suppliers, it’s looking for long-term, sustainable relationships with the industry’s best to achieve our goals to deliver the safest and most compliant solutions to our customers,” he says – adding that working closely with Vawdrey has enabled LINX to explore genuinely innovative solutions for their customers and dedicated operational teams. “The LINX team is always looking to use our extensive industry knowledge to extract the most value from the latest technological innovations, such as the range-topping Hendrickson running gear with in-built wheel end temperature monitoring.”

LINX CEO, Sean Jeffries, says his organisation remains focused on their strategic plan of working with customers and suppliers in delivering a multi-functional supply chain solution across all modes of logistics. “LINX will continue to invest in the best fit-for-purpose fleet replacement and growth programme to maximise opportunities across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.”

Fast Fact: To complement LINX Cargo Care Group’s order of 31 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved B-double combinations, trailer builder, Vawdrey Australia, delivered a set of roadtrain skels.

Fast Fact: Vawdrey Australia’s Performance-Based Standards (PBS) journey began in 2012, when it first introduced a Super B-double capable of hauling two 40-foot containers, while operating under strict guidelines set out by VicRoads. At the time, the unit was only permitted to be used around Melbourne’s wharf district.

However, it wasn’t until a year later that Vawdrey rolled out several more Super B-double combinations, marking a major milestone in increased access for High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFV) under the new Victorian Freight & Logistics Plan introduced by the Victorian Coalition Government in August 2013.

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