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In Safe Hands with Vawdrey

Vawdrey Australia is now offering its user-friendly lift-a-gate system to complement its latchliner buckleless curtain technology on its trailers. The glen cameron group will now use both systems as part of its new b-double Titeliner.

In 2015, federal statutory agency Safe Work Australia published a Key Work Health and Safety Statistics report, providing industry-wide data on all work-related injuries, diseases and fatalities in Australia over the 2012-13 period. The report saw transport finishing second to agriculture as the industry with the most reported injury claims, while a secondary list measuring the bodily locations of where those injuries occurred, revealed that back and shoulders were the chief areas of concern.

If Vawdrey Australia’s latest advancements in side gate equipment are anything to go by, the trailer specialist is determined to help reduce those numbers significantly. As part of a September 2016 order for the Glen Cameron Group, Vawdrey has delivered a new B-double curtain-sider fitted with LatchLiner buckleless curtains and its new Lift-A-Gate cheap diflucan fluconazole system.

Based on engineering expertise developed over the company’s 40-year long history, Vawdrey’s Lift-A-Gate is designed and built to lower the risks of workplace-related injuries. “Side gates can be quite heavy, not to mention taxing on the operators back and shoulders when used frequently,” explains Paul Vawdrey, Sales Director. “Our new Lift-A-Gate system can remove the physical stress of shifting them individually.”

Vawdrey’s West Wing
To enable the hanging gates to move freely, Vawdrey has installed rollers to the celling along the sides of Camerons’ B-double. The roof supports the weight of the side gates, so once the freight is loaded into the trailer, the gates can be rolled back into place and locked in to ensure that the gate, as well as the freight, are securely in place.

“The Lift-A-Gate system means the operator can just lift each one out of its groove and using an attached strap, simply pull the gates either left or right to gain access to the freight,” Paul says. “The key aspect of the system is that there’s no heavy lifting required, since the gates are attached to the roof of the trailer thereby supporting the weight.”

The Lift-A-Gate system is pretty straightforward and user-friendly, according to Shane Coates, Camerons Group Fleet Manager. “It’s so easy to use that it’ll speed up our loading and unloading processes dramatically, which will improve productivity overall,” he says, revealing that the new Titeliner B-double will head into its interstate linehaul service.

Vawdrey’s West Wing
The load restraint rated Lift-A-Gate system will also work in tandem with Vawdrey’s new LatchLiner system, making the combination more efficient. “The LatchLiner only has a handful of levers that don’t require the driver to unhook one by one,” says Shane. “Like the Lift-A-Gate, the LatchLiner is very quick and user-friendly to handle. Compare the LatchLiner to standard manual buckles, and again, safety and productivity are significantly increased.”

A longstanding customer of Vawdrey, Camerons has shown a willingness to invest into the trailer builder’s equipment, evidenced by its 2013 purchase of its auto buckleless trailers. “That system has also enabled our drivers to open and close the curtain without having to handle each individual buckle, radically accelerating the loading and unloading procedure. The innovations gave us the confidence to add Vawdrey Australia’s B-double Titeliner fitted with its Lift-A-Gate system and LatchLiner features to our ever-growing fleet,” Shane says.

In addition to the two features, Vawdrey’s new B-double also features mezzanine decks, and allows Camerons’ operators to carry as many as 34 pallets across the combination, which Shane says “will add plenty of value and flexibility to its everyday operation”.

More importantly, Camerons says Vawdrey Australia’s hanging side gates and LatchLiner will play a valuable role in addressing the safety concerns raised in Safe Work Australia’s 2015 report. “Improving work health and safety for our workers is always a point of concern for us at Camerons,” Shane says. “We’re not just about being the best transport and logistics brand in Australia, but showing everyone that we care about our people and promoting safer work practices.

“Vawdrey Australia is one manufacturer that has continued to lift the industry benchmark and provide high quality trailers. Thanks to its innovative Lift-A-Gate and LatchLiner technology, there will be more purchases of this unit to come in the future.”