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Lock and load

Through trailer innovation that accentuates efficiency and industry best practice, Vawdrey helps to streamline road freight and materials handling tasks with its new Auto Lock Deck.

Downtime associated with loading heavy vehicles has the potential to severely impact the profitability of a fleet. While relying on forklifts and vehicle operators is necessary when stacking pallets and other cargo onto trailer decks, the commercial road transport industry can benefit from investing in the latest cargo handling technology.

A recent game-changer in this space comes from Victorian trailer builder, Vawdrey Australia, which has launched its new patent pending Auto Lock Deck system, optimising deck handling safety and efficiency. The Auto Lock Deck system promotes a safer workplace environment through innovative design, building on the same proven locking system as its successful Auto Mezz Deck range.

According to Vawdrey National Sales Director, Paul Vawdrey, the Auto Lock Deck is a boon for the commercial road transport in terms of performance gains. “The Auto Lock Deck is simple to operate and can save up to 10 minutes for every deck movement,” Paul says. “To lower the deck, the operator simply selects the unlock function, lifts the deck to disengage the locks and then lowers the deck to the desired position. It ratchets through each of the locking positions on the mezzanine deck posts when lifting to provide a fast and simple method of lifting the deck by forklift.”

The Vawdrey Auto Lock Deck also negates the need for vehicle operators to work beneath a deck or to remove the deck from the vehicle to adjust the deck height, which significantly improves Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) practices.

“Current forklift-compatible mezzanine decks require the deck to be removed from the trailer before they can be adjusted,” he says. “Manually moving the deck support brackets to alter the deck position within the trailer is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous process.”

Supported by a pneumatic cylinder and two springs, the Auto Lock Deck will default to a locked position, which is critical for safety and reliability.

To assist forklift operators, there are simple, colour-coded indicators on the outside and inside of each deck, as well as full-width forklift tyne pockets to accommodate double pallet width tynes for better forklift engagement.

“We have designed the Auto Lock Deck to be as user-friendly as possible to allow for more efficient materials handling and freight tasks,” Paul says.

The Auto Lock Deck also features heavy-duty bolt-on guides and quick release airlines that allow the deck to be removed from the trailer with ease, and Duragal Steel mezzanine deck posts are used as a standard on all Vawdrey trailers.

“The Vawdrey Auto Lock Deck is an absolutely essential consideration when investing in modern commercial road transport equipment,” Paul says. “Our trailers are tailored to accommodate the needs of the industry, emphasising safety and efficiency.”

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