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Naughton Transport: Ongoing ventures

As a leading manufacturer of premium quality trailers in Australia, Vawdrey plays a key role in the development of some of the country’s most exceptional transport fleets.

According to Leigh Naughton, Director of Naughton Transport Services, the success of the company’s fleet can be attributed to the high performance of Vawdrey trailers, including their recent acquisition of a 32-pallet single drop deck Titeliner that turned out to be the largest unit Vawdrey has ever produced.

“If it wasn’t for Vawdrey’s fantastic service, I wouldn’t be where I am today,”  says Leigh– adding that the ‘can do’ attitude of the entire Vawdrey team has been key to their long and successful partnership.

In 1954, Naughton Transport Services commenced operations from its base in Dandenong, Victoria. Over the years the business ventured into interstate general freight and branched into high-cubic transport solutions to maximise
productivity gains.

The fleet currently manages two depots, Melbourne and Sydney, and runs 32 well-serviced heavy vehicles which are crucial to the success of the company as well as the broader partnership between Naughton and Vawdrey.

Leigh has a passion for the transport industry and is adamant that the business doesn’t work unless the team works together.

“Naughton Transport Services has worked with Vawdrey Australia for 30 memorable years,” Leigh says. He adds the latest Vawdrey trailer investment is mainly due to the size and payload capacity. “Our trailers need to be large enough to carry the required freight to the destination, whether it be in Sydney or Melbourne.”

The fleet also requires someone to go through the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and vehicle standards to ensure optimal compliance and truck-trailer utility – something Vawdrey also excels at.

This Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved 32-pallet single drop deck Titeliner is the biggest trailer Vawdrey has ever built. It also features the latest LatchLiner curtain technology which ensures safe, efficient loading and unloading for vehicle operators. The robust construction of the latch and hook mechanism of the curtain assemblies ensure a long service life, too.

The aftersales support that Naughton Transport receives from Vawdrey, according to Leigh, is above and beyond.

“The Vawdrey team are quick and their all-round service works well,” he says. “It’s also important for us to have access to Vawdrey personnel to boost our heavy vehicle uptime. The fact that Vawdrey is a family owned and operated business means they are authentic, approachable and get the job done without a fuss. At the end of the day they’re fantastic and are always around when needed.”

Leigh takes a hands-on approach to managing and operating Naughton Transport Services. In addition to relying on his own staff, he praises Vawdrey for being a fantastic company and for offering great flexibility in their working relationship as well as providing state-of-the-art road transport technology that enables higher productivity and improved safety. There is also the community aspect of the partnership with reference to success achieved between the Melbourne and Sydney depots.

“At the end of the day, if I haven’t got a positive relationship with a staff supplier, the business won’t succeed,” Leigh says. “I’m glad to report that in this instance our partnership with Vawdrey is as strong as ever and we continue to thrive as a result.”

Original article published on Trailer Magazine. 

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