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A new Ice age

As a specialist in manufacturing efficient and robust freezer vans, Vawdrey Australia offers fleets its signature Iceliner for refrigerated transport tasks.

Cold chain logistics operators depend on quality equipment to run temperature-sensitive goods across the country, especially when carting perishable commodities that demand precise cargo conditions. With its trailer building experience and refrigerated transport expertise, Vawdrey Australia is renowned for supplying the commercial road transport industry with Iceliner freezer vans that emphasise efficiency, reliability and productivity.

With quality insulation and solid trailer design, Vawdrey’s Iceliner can hold cargo temperatures as low as -28˚, which is ideal for fleet operators moving perishable commodities across great distances.

To ensure that the refrigeration units operate at peak energy efficiency, and to keep frozen and chilled goods at the right temperatures, Vawdrey Australia’s National Sales Director, Paul Vawdrey, says that the Iceliner has fiberglass and foam sidewall panels that come in varying dimensions and temperature control ratings, and the trailer roof is also insulated.

“The Iceliner typically features a full-length, lightweight steel chassis, complete with full-width skid plate and galvanised cross-members,” says Paul.

“It also has a rear frame that gives the trailer the added strength and durability that is necessary for heavy-duty applications across different roads and highways, all without affecting payload.

“The Iceliner comes fitted with an aluminium rub rail fully welded to the floor and new exterior side rails, top and bottom, which strengthen the integrity of the walls and are fully laminated to the floor, roof and front wall.

“Not only are the rails stronger, they’re lighter too,” Paul says.


“Compared to the old rails, these aluminium ones take four to five kilograms per metre off the overall tare weight.”

As loading and unloading can be a tedious and potentially time-consuming task, Vawdrey has designed the Iceliner trailer floor to allow vehicle operators to safely utilise materials handling equipment.

“The trailer floor is Vawdrey’s standard distribution knurled aluminium, a non-slip surface that not only improves airflow, but also reduces the risk of personal injury due to wet or slippery floors,” Paul says.

To maximise carrying capacity inside the trailer, Vawdrey can fit a double loader track along each side so that forklift operators can lay additional pallets. The driver can remove the bars and stow them in a compartment box when they are not required, offering fleet operators flexibility to adjust cargo on any journey.

Efficient trailer design also provides opportunities for fleets to participate in the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme. According to Paul, that ability to walk its customers through the PBS process is what makes the trailer builder a leader in the high productivity scheme, something the company identified as an important growth area in 2012 (see breakout box).

“We’ve invested heavily into PBS as we see it as an important asset to commercial road transport,” Paul says. “More and more operators want to take advantage of the increased productivity, efficiency and payloads it offers, and we have the ability to help them find those gains.”

One way that Vawdrey can optimise the Iceliner for productivity under the PBS scheme is to overhaul its axles. By implementing a quad-axle system, for instance, superior weight distribution enables vehicle operators to load trailers with higher allowable weight, which could maximise payload potential.

One operator who has taken advantage of the quad-axle set up on its Iceliners is Joel Rowan of New South Wales-based company, Rowan’s Transport. “Thanks to the quad-axles, we can run a higher allowable weight than in the past, which is further increased by moving the steer axle to the front of the group,” Joel says.

Trailer manufacturer, Vawdrey, continues to innovate and refine its refrigerated transport offerings, tweaking Iceliner specifications to accommodate the needs of fleet operators throughout the country. As consumer demand for chilled and frozen goods rises, the commercial road transport industry grows along side it by investing in efficient, sturdy equipment to get the job done.

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