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RCT makes a special delivery with Vawdrey

Ron Crouch Transport, based in New South Wales, has taken delivery of a brand-new B-double from Vawdrey which will travel around the country promoting a message the transport industry holds very close to heart.

Ron Crouch Transport (RCT) specialises in general freight, Dangerous Goods (DG), warehousing and third-party logistics. The company was established in 1978 by Ronald and Beverly Crouch, with the family’s third generation now having key roles in the business.

RCT has expanded its operations during the last 44 years and now has a fleet of 40 trucks and 90 trailers, complemented by its six warehouses which service small rural customers to large multinationals.

For almost half of its existence, the family company has placed its trust in Vawdrey to provide quality trailers for its applications, and Executive Director, Geoff Crouch, says he hasn’t been let down once.

“I’ve been dealing with Vawdrey personally for 25 years and I have never had any issues,” he says. “It’s always been run on the basis of mutual respect and ensuring that the high values and ethics of our companies are upheld for mutual benefit.”

RCT’s latest addition from Vawdrey is a B-double dedicated to Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (HTTS) by promoting its values on the curtains. The B-double will travel across the state as well as to all major cities along the eastern seaboard and most regional areas.

HTTS is a non-profit organisation for mental health in Australia’s road transport, warehousing and logistics industries. It was founded in August 2020 in response to the poor state of mental health and wellbeing across road transport warehouses during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it has continued to improve outcomes drastically in areas relating to psychological safety and physical wellbeing.

Some of its most recent efforts include offering discounts on healthier meals at BP service stations, commencing a Nutrition Pilot Program to encourage longer-term healthy eating among truck drivers and launching industry-tailored resources translated into eight of the most commonly spoken languages other than English in workshops.

Due to commitments like these which aim to better the transport and logistics industry, Geoff says it is an honour to promote HHTS’ values alongside Vawdrey.

“I’ve been a very strong supporter of HHTS from the very beginning,” he says. “It’s an initiative that I passionately believe in, and I am determined to provide whatever assistance I can to get the message out there – that there is assistance for members of the Australian logistics industry for people that don’t have optimal mental health and wellbeing.

“Anything that I can do to get the message out there is worthwhile. I firmly believe in the initiatives that HHTS developed, and that over the course of time they will make a massive benefit to the mental health and wellbeing to thousands of people.”

Geoff explains that the purchase of the B-double was part of his plan to replace some older vehicles in the fleet while increasing its size by four units in preparation for planned growth over the next 12 months. Due to Vawdrey’s reputation for reliability, Geoff knew it was the right path to take.

“It’s a product with the highest quality possible, and it stacks up perfectly on our business analysis proposition,” he says. “We’ve always been hugely impressed by the Vawdrey product. With its quality and attention to detail, the value for money is unmatched.”

In June last year Vawdrey announced that it had established a partnership with HHTS, and as part of this agreement, it would add a Healthy Heads sticker to each of its new trailers to promote the organisation’s key message. As a result, this decision has attracted the attention of many fleets such as RCT which support what Healthy Heads stands for.

HHTS CEO, Naomi Frauenfelder, says the culture and vision at Vawdrey led it to partnering with HHTS.

“Having such a well-known and respected Australian business like Vawdrey come on board is super important to us,” she says. “It means we can continue to delivery on our key target ambitions.

“Like many businesses in our sector, Vawdrey would have seen the impact of the pandemic on trucking operators as well as drivers and logistics companies, so they’re looking for an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the lives of people working in the sector and other businesses.”

Geoff and the team at RCT are very happy with their latest purchase. And, with the help of Vawdrey and HHTS, it hopes to spread awareness on mental health and wellbeing in the workforce.

“This trailer is a very special one to us,” Geoff says. “We’re glad to be able to dedicate it to the amazing work that HHTS does: Improving the mental health and wellbeing of every single member of our incredible industry.”

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