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Second to none

To remain competitive in the break-bulk transport and logistics sector, XL Express invests in the latest Performance-Based Standards innovations from Vawdrey Australia. The national operation is currently future-proofing its fleet with Vawdrey 36-pallet drop deck Titeliners.

Since 1990, Queensland-based transport and logistics company, XL Express, has provided shippers with a specialised break-bulk service which is supported by its vast network of facilities, regional agencies and modern road transport equipment, delivering consistency of service, exceptional communication and ‘cost compression’ to its portfolio of clients.

The break-bulk process, according to Managing Director, Colin Mallory, involves maximising the amount of parcel freight that is moved from client despatch to the receiving state on the original pallet.

“XL Express’ 3PL services are ideal for organisations that centrally warehouse and distribute nationally,” Colin says. “Our methods ensure a higher percentage of deliveries being completed intact and in full, reducing damage and misdirects, as a result of less handling of the freight.”

The XL Express fleet comprises 100 trailers, 30-40 prime movers and between 350-400 delivery vehicles. With company-owned assets, including warehouse facilities, Colin says the business is as agile as ever and is committed to delivering reliable, efficient services Australia wide with the support of its reliable partners like independent trailer manufacturer, Vawdrey.

“Our first Vawdrey trailer joined the XL Express fleet in 1998 and it is still in operation,” Colin says. “The quality of a Vawdrey trailer is second to none which is why we continue to invest in their trailers.”

The latest trailers to bolster XL Express’ linehaul freight task are 4.6m-high 36-pallet drop deck Titeliners from Vawdrey Australia. These Titeliners feature a perimeter frame in the chassis design which maximises cube capacity, enabling the 36-pallet payload.

For optimal fleet utility, the Titeliners can also be used in various configurations including a 36.5m A-double, modular B-triple and AB triple with a compatible dolly.

“This is our first foray into Performance-Based Standards (PBS),” Colin says. “Having worked with Paul Vawdrey for the past 20 years, it made sense for us to invest in the latest road transport technologies available. The company is constantly striving to improve its delivery reach and using efficient trailer combinations is critical to maintain our competitive edge. XL Express vehicle operators, for example, are saving in excess of 30 minutes on departure due to Vawdrey’s innovative Latchliner buckleless curtain system which reduces the number of buckles needed for fast and efficient turnaround.”

Another important purchase consideration for XL Express, according to Colin, is after-sales support. “As most of our linehaul trailers pass through major transport hubs in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, knowing that Vawdrey has the facilities and staff on-hand to ensure minimal downtime just adds to Vawdrey’s value proposition.”

Following the success of XL Express’ PBS endeavours, Colin says the linehaul and local trailer fleets are now undergoing a complete refurbishment.

“All of these PBS efficiencies simply weren’t available 20 years ago; the productivity gains we are seeing right now is simply incredible,” Colin says. “So, we’re bringing all of our linehaul equipment up to date, including our first Vawdrey trailer. From a safety perspective, this is the best way forward.”

Fast Fact: As a leading trailer manufacturer, Vawdrey Australia supports XL Express with its national service network which provides preventative maintenance and regular servicing of everything from Titeliners to B-triple road train combinations.

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