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The cold edge

Refrigerated and general transport business, Barellan Freighters, has added its first Vawdrey Iceliner freezer van to its fleet, highlighting productivity and reliability gains.

Based in South East Queensland, Barellan Freighters hauls produce for growers direct from the farms to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with temperature-control requirements that range from 6°C to 14°C, according to owner, June Steinhardt. “Revenue streams are split between fruit, vegetables and other perishables, and there’s also overnight express work to manage,” she says – explaining that she has always invested in freezer vans. “To remain competitive in the industry, and to try something new, the business purchased its first 32-pallet Vawdrey Iceliner freezer.”

According to Vawdrey Australia’s National Sales Director, Paul Vawdrey, cold chain logistics operators depend on quality equipment to run temperature-sensitive goods across the country, especially when carting perishable commodities that demand precise cargo conditions. “The Iceliner has fibreglass and foam sidewall panels that come in varying dimensions and temperature-control ratings, and the trailer roof is also insulated,” he says – adding that the Iceliner design typically features a full-length, light steel chassis, complete with full-width skid plate and galvanised cross-members

Over the years, June has realised that she needs to work with road transport equipment that is designed for heavy-duty use. “The Iceliner has a solid rear frame that reinforces the freezer van’s durability without compromising on tare weight or payload space. Quite often, forklifts and other vehicle operators need to access the trailer to load and unload. Over time, trailers will wear from regular use. However, the Iceliner floor is optimised for materials handling operations.”

Paul says the trailer floor is Vawdrey’s standard distribution knurled aluminium, a non-slip surface that not only improves airflow but also reduces the risk of personal injury due to wet or slippery floors.

In addition to its solid construction, June says that the Iceliner comes fitted with an aluminium rub rail fully welded to the floor. Exterior side rails, top and bottom, strengthen the integrity of the walls and are fully laminated to the floor, roof and front wall. “The Barellan Freighters’ vehicle operators find the Iceliner easier to clear and load, partly due to the clean white interior. The industry requires efficient, sturdy equipment to manage temperature-sensitive freight tasks, and the Iceliner ticks all of the boxes,” she says.

By investing in the latest freezer vans from Vawdrey, June is expanding the Barellan Freighters fleet to be more productive, versatile and reliable, and says that there are other benefits associated with taking delivery of the Iceliner. “The Vawdrey team regularly check in to make sure we’ve got no problems in terms of maintenance and aftersales support,“ she says. “Vawdrey is absolutely fantastic to work with. As demand for our services continues to grow, it is important for Barellan Freighters to strengthen its partnership with trailer builders like Vawdrey.

Fast Fact: Privately owned and operated, Barellan Freighters has specialised in refrigerated and general transport since 1988. By investing in quality road transport equipment, the business takes pride in providing a premium service through expertise, reliability and efficiency.

Fast Fact: One way that trailer builder, Vawdrey Australia, can optimise the Iceliner for productivity under the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) high productivity scheme is to overhaul its axle configuration. By implementing a quad-axle system, for instance, superior weight distribution enables vehicle operators to load trailers with higher allowable weight, which could maximise payload potential.

Fast Fact: Original equipment manufacturer, Vawdrey Australia, is renowned for supplying the commercial road transport industry with Iceliner freezer vans that emphasise efficiency, reliability and productivity. With quality insulation and solid trailer design, the Iceliner can hold cargo temperatures as low as -28°C, which is ideal for fleet operators moving perishable commodities across great distances.

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