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The Perfect Fit

Vawdrey Australia has launched a revolutionary patented latchliner buckle-less curtain system designed to speed up delivery times and improve work, health and safety for operators.

Exclusive to Vawdrey’s semi-trailer portfolio, the simplicity of the company’s new LatchLiner system means fleet operators can eliminate traditional curtain buckles. “It’s a very quick and user-friendly system and operates with the same ease as using the hand brake in your car,” says Paul Vawdrey, Sales Director.

From a finish perspective, the LatchLiner’s sleek design will also result in more visible branding for the fleet operator, notes Paul. “The LatchLiner tightens the curtain so that when the trailer is out on the road, bellowing and curtain flapping is eliminated,” he says. “In addition to the LatchLiner system, we’ve also reinforced the structural integrity of our curtains to reduce wear and improve longevity.”

According to Vawdrey, the LatchLiner is able to replace the 68 buckles that are traditionally found on B-double curtain-siders and does not require pneumatics, hydraulics or motors to power the system.

“Instead of having 34 buckles on each side, the LatchLiner only requires several quick release handles in total,” Paul explains. “Compare the difference between manually unhooking 68 buckles as opposed to a simple push and pull of specially fitted LatchLiner handles, and productivity is significantly increased.”

More importantly, the LatchLiner is safer for the operator. “Improving work health and safety for customers is always a top priority for Vawdrey and the innovative LatchLiner does just that,” Paul says. “It reduces the risk of injury as the operator does not have to exert force to use it.”

Paul adds, buy diflucan 200mg “Not only does the LatchLiner meet the brief, but it has also exceeded our own expectations. We are excited about the system and believe it fulfils a major need in the transport and logistics sector.”

According to Paul, the LatchLiner has been in development for the past six months, with trial units already deployed in answer to mounting customer requests. “We have already fitted the system to number of fleets,” he says. “For customers wanting further insight into the system, Vawdrey can provide a LatchLiner-fitted demo trailer on site.”

One of first customers to use the LatchLiner is Melbourne-based transport company, Total Logistics Solutions (TLS), which had the system fitted to a brand-new drop deck ‘Titeliner’ B-double. The LatchLiner-fitted combination went into production in June and was delivered to TLS in August.

According to Vawdrey, the Titeliner B-double can carry 34-pallets – 12 in the lead and 22 in the B-trailer. It is also fitted with mezzanine decks and Vawdrey’s innovative Lift-A-Gate system, enabling the operator to simply lift and push the gates aside for easy access to the load, or lock onto specially designed grooves that secures the gate and keeps the freight in a stable position while the trailer is being used. “To keep our customers engaged and help improve their businesses, we need to consistently lift the benchmark in regards to new technology,” Paul says. “The new LatchLiner and the Lift-A-Gate system are already generating plenty of interest from the market, and we believe the technology will eventually become standard across all curtain-siders.”