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The perfect solution

Transporting goods across Bass Strait, CRE Solutions’ fleet is subjected to tough and corrosive conditions which are unique to the Trans Bass operation. However, its diverse fleet of customised Vawdrey trailers has proven it can stand up to the challenge.

Located within close proximity of the Burnie Port in North West Tasmania, CRE Solutions specialises in both local and Intrastate transport as well as Trans Bass freight forwarding. Shipments are conducted daily with the movement of loaded trailers between Tasmania and Victoria.

It’s a specialised freight task that brings its own unique set of challenges. This led CRE working closely with Vawdrey to develop its own specifications to suit the task at hand. “Each Trans Bass operator has its own set of unique requirements, they’re the sorts of things that might not be beneficial to other businesses, but they make a big difference to our business,” says CRE owner and founder, Chris Anderson.

“The Vawdrey team are very obliging in helping us achieve what we need. We have collectively engaged in product research and development, uncovered what works and what doesn’t. We have required certain customisation and we like the fact that the team at Vawdrey are prepared to engage and work with us. Some of the amendments to our trailers might seem trivial to some but as a client they make a difference. Vawdrey have demonstrated the ability to build to specification whilst maintaining flexibility and customer care,” Chris says.

CRE Solutions commenced operation in 2007 and the relationship with Vawdrey commenced in its formation years.

“Initially we purchased reconditioned equipment from Vawdrey, and then we moved over to new equipment. Vawdrey is our supplier of choice and they supply us with all our trailing equipment. With all our suppliers it’s important to develop a partnership arrangement which is mutually beneficial. It’s not just about the financial outlay, it’s about the value we get for our investment and this extends to the after sales service we receive from Vawdrey,” Chris says.

Last September, CRE took delivery of its latest Vawdrey trailer, with the commissioning of their first B-double combination. The new 26-metre Vawdrey drop deck mezzanine set features an Auto  Lock Deck system and LatchLiner buckle-less curtain system.

“The purchase of the B-double was to cater to for continued growth. At the conclusion of each afternoon shift we had surplus freight, so the B Double made logical sense. The inclusion of the auto decks and the buckle-less curtains are OH&S features that minimise time and effort whilst enhancing the safety of our team. Given the engineering of all our trailers to date the growth our B Double fleet will simply require the addition of additional A Trailers.” Chris says

For CRE, 2018 / 2019 has been another year of growth and this has brought about the need to increase the size of the fleet. In the last six months, the business has also taken delivery of five double drop deck mezzanine tautliners, three 45 ft flat decks and a 45 ft drop deck – all from Vawdrey.

In the CRE fleet, flexibility has been at the core of each trailer’s design, according to Chris. “It’s important to design equipment to be as flexible as it can be. Our equipment needs to suit the customer, whilst offering us the opportunity to fully utilise its capacity and not limiting equipment to just one task. Vawdrey are always accommodating with each project engineering a solution that works for both us and  our customer.”

Fast Fact: Vawdrey Australia also specialises in the design and construction of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) trailing equipment, and has bolstered the transport capabilities of businesses to maximise payload gains as well as improve vehicle operator safety with its innovative Auto Lock Deck and LatchLiner buckle-less curtain systems.

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