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Tried and true

Continuous development of the thermally efficient and highly productive Iceliner ensures that cold chain logistics operators have access to the best temperature-controlled trailers that Vawdrey Australia has to offer.

The Iceliner entered the Australian market in 2002, on the back of the extremely popular Vawdrey dryfreight FRP van, and has since developed a strong presence in the refrigerated transport industry. This specialised reefer design is manufactured and assembled at Vawdrey Australia’s Dandenong South plant, offering fleet operators greater flexibility in specifications along with faster turnaround times.

Vawdrey Australia Director, Paul Vawdrey, says the family business built the Iceliner based on field experience, customer needs and sound manufacturing process.

“It’s a robust all Australian-made product that addresses the needs of the Australian heavy duty refrigeration market,” he says. “Locally engineered and manufactured to suit the requirements of Australian refrigerated transport operators, Iceliner trailers are available in -18°C, -28°C and multi-temperature specifications. These complete units, manufactured in-house at our Dandenong South plant, are well suited to both distribution and heavy duty applications.”

A full-length lightweight steel chassis, according to Vawdrey, gives the trailer the added strength and durability that is necessary for heavy duty applications without adversely affecting payload capacity. Vawdrey’s refrigerated trailer design and build team are led by freezer industry icon, Robert Eppel, and constantly seek new materials, designs and manufacturing processes that not only improve thermal efficiencies but also provide a robust product with low tare weight.

Other Iceliner features that come as standard include full width skid plate and lead in plates as well as cross member end cap side rails in one piece that provides a stronger join between the trailer walls and the floor. Also, laminated fibreglass internal joins provide a stronger, leak proof and more efficient body.

“Continuous advancements in composite materials technology provide new and varying construction methods,” Paul says. “The latest in insulation material and adhesives ensure we can provide superior thermal efficiency when compared with other construction methods.”

The Iceliner trailers are also feature forklift and pallet jack rated aluminium distribution floors with a non-slip surface treatment and drain troughs plumbed to a waste tank. To complement the effectiveness of the trailer refrigeration unit, the Iceliner body is fully insulated to ensure product is maintained at the correct temperature for the duration of the freight task.

“This latest Iceliner is an important moment in the development of our refrigerated product line up for our customers that demand nothing but the best. And that’s what we’ve delivered.”

Many transport companies still recognise the benefits they can gain by choosing solid Australian built trailers that have been designed specifically for Australian conditions and are supported by a network of local branches.

“As all Vawdrey trailers are custom built to specific requirements for our customers, we always take pride in presenting our trailers with the highest quality finish, including any specific personalised touches.”

As for high productivity, Paul says the Iceliner is well suited to take advantage of Performance-Based Standards (PBS). “Vawdrey customers are already taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise from our experienced in-house PBS team and are utilising Iceliners to carry more freight in 30m and 36.6m A-doubles, 30m B-doubles, 26- and 28-pallet single trailers in tri- and quad-axle configurations and also now in 42m AB triple combinations.”

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