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Vawdrey and Doser take a more personal approach to freight

Vawdrey Australia and Doser Frieght Forwarding found common ground in taking a more personal approach to doing business— A shared value that has served as the foundation for a successful working relationship together. 

Doser Freight is a family owned and operated long distance transport business that was founded in Adelaide in 1965. Now in its 54th year of operation, the company has branched interstate while maintaining its personal touch with customers.

Company founder, Brian Doser, recently retired at the end of 2018, with son Adam Doser continuing to operate the family business after making a brief emigration to Western Australia before returning in 2005.

Adam says his return to the family business was sparked out of a need for a greater work/life balance.

“I just love the flexibility and being able to spend more time with family,” Adam says.

The growth of the company has been steady, utilising a range of equipment from open bed flat trailers to Vawdrey Titeliners, standard and drop deck floors and pantechs.

“We run a combination of A and B, 22-pallet trailers and 12-pallet (shorter) trailers with mezz decks,” says Doser Freight Director, Adam Doser. “The A trailers have a 140 cubic metre capacity at around 34 tonnes.”

Having recently purchased new sets of Vawdrey drop deck Titeliner trailers, Adam praised their tare weight in tandem with their light, but strong construction. A perfect combination for fuel consumption, weight distribution and ensuring compliance across Australia’s extensive road and bridge network.

It is no coincidence to see then that Vawdrey Australia is now leading the way in the design and manufacture of high-tech equipment under the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) high productivity scheme.

As a family-orientated business, the personalised approach is also important with Doser Freight’s business partners. Adam cites his working relationship with Vawdrey as the key ingredient in the accord between the two companies.

Initially focused on food and beverage logistics, Doser Freight is acutely aware that the industry demands special attention to detail and understands the stringent standards required throughout a reliable and seamless supply chain to ensure optimum temperature and condition.

“That’s why all our trailers run on air ride suspensions to ensure a smooth ride for all goods,” Adam says.

This approach has seen the company expand its logistics support from food and beverage to medical supply.

“We do a bit of everything,” Adam says.

Although while his company may have an ‘all-rounder’ status, its approach is nothing short of specialist. Doser Freight even specialises in Category A substance transportation. Supply chains in a post-Covid-19 world will require resilient systems and processes combined with reliability and transparency throughout every step of the process.

The global pandemic has been a marked test for business and industry, but probably none more than the entertainment industry – reporting some of the sharpest revenue declines. As exhibition and entertainment specialists, Doser Freight beared witness to the flow-on effects across entertainment ancillary industries.

“We engage in exhibition supply from Adelaide to Darwin,” Adam says. “Entertainment has been hit hard, all the way through to the supply of beer to pubs. But it is starting to come back.”

Notwithstanding the hurdle of Covid-19, Doser Freight has expanded its portfolio and managed to generate extra work during the pandemic. Adam points out that this year has been decidedly busier than 2020 thanks to landing a contract with DHL – one he has been chasing for three years.

It is no surprise to see that partnership and productivity are inextricably linked, as the partnership between Vawdrey Australia and Doser Freight continues to show.

Original article published on Trailer Magazine. 

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