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Vawdrey Trailers: Best in the South West

South West Express will be adding some new customer Vawdrey trailers to their Western Australia fleet. The two companies have been enjoying a great supply relationship, with South Western Express citing Vawdrey’s quick turnaround and attention to detail on specifications as there major point of difference. The bespoke trailers will ship out before the end of the year. 

South West Express commenced operations in 1993 and has worked tirelessly to become one of Western Australia’s leading refrigerated transport companies.

Today, the company is the chosen fresh food transport partner of some of Western Australia’s pre-eminent producers, distributors and retailers.

Transporting temperature-controlled goods comes with a significant responsibility, both to the company’s clients, and in turn their customers.

As such, delivering a compliant, safe, and sustainable service is a company-wide focus.

An important element of this is the relationship the company has with Vawdrey Australia, which is one of its preferred trailer suppliers. The latest order of Vawdrey trailers includes insulated and refrigerated 4.3-metre high 22-pallet Titeliners and dry freight vans.

The Titeliners were specifically chosen to fulfil a new contract for South West Express which entails delivery of temperature-controlled chocolate products to Big W at Mandurah and Bunbury and backloading of recyclable cardboard bales.

For this contract the versatile Titeliner is ideal as it enables efficient dock loading and unloading of the store stock and then side loading of the cardboard bales for the return journey.

Special features that improve safety and efficiency include auto-tightening load binders and pop-up coaming rails which prevent damage to the curtains by forklifts during rear loading.

The insulated curtains are also load restraint rated, meaning gates are not needed – a significant time saving feature when it comes to side loading.

Rear loading efficiency is also enhanced through the use of roller doors which means, unlike trailers with barn doors, the Titeliner can be backed onto a dock before the door is opened.

Also adding to their versatility, both Titeliners have Ringfeder couplings bolted to the chassis at the rear which enables them to be used as 22-pallet lead trailers in double or pocket road train configurations.

The Vawdrey dry freight vans ordered by South West Express are also built for a specific task of warehouse-to-warehouse distribution.

They also feature rear roller doors along with a ‘wedgeback’ design which means the roof line tapers towards the front of the van. This enables a 2.73-metre high aperture at the rear which, according to Mark Mazza, CEO at South West Express, was something only Vawdrey could offer.

“We needed the rear roller door along with the higher clearance rear opening for the supermarket products that will be carried and Vawdrey was the only trailer manufacturer that could build this style of van for us,” Mark says – adding that Vawdrey has been particularly helpful with supplying the company with specialised trailers to suit new contracts.

Today, South West Express services some of Western Australia’s most successful supermarket chains, as well as many of the state’s leading producers.

“Our dedication to the retailers we service has always remained paramount, and we remain focused on providing each client with a transport solution they can trust,” Mark says. “Our client communication processes have proven to be an integral element in providing a service which allows retailers to focus on running their stores, confident that delivery schedules will be met.”

The company provides same-day delivery capabilities for all customers in the Perth metropolitan and greater Bunbury regions, offering competitive pricing and service provision over the whole of the southwest WA region.

It manages this due to its modern and well-maintained fleet of vehicles which is updated in line with a strictly adhered to time and/or kilometre-based replacement policy.

Total flexibility in vehicle utilisation is assured by the employment of multi-temp zone trailers. This enables South West Express to provide up to three fully isolated and independently temperature controlled compartments – freezer, chiller or ambient – per trailer, loaded in the order required to facilitate specific customer needs.

The latest order of Vawdrey trailers will serve to enhance further the company’s capabilities in supplying goods in pristine condition and in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Original article published on Trailer Magazine here. 

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