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Vawdrey’s golden reefer

Vawdrey Australia has developed a brand-new Performance-based standards approved single iceliner that is a significant upgrade over previous refrigerated vans.

Much of the technological advancements in Australia’s trailer market in recent times have revolved around developing lightweight applications and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) equipment, a trend that sees Dandenong-based Vawdrey Australia from making improvements to its existing portfolio.

Building on its growing list of high productivity vehicle achievements that includes A-double, Super B-double and drop deck hi-cubic B-double combinations, Vawdrey has designed a new PBS-approved tri-axle refrigerated van model – the first of which was delivered last month.

The recipient of the first new unit – Hoyhaul Warehousing & Distribution in New South Wales – is now utilising Vawdrey’s new reefer as an alternative to a B-double, shuttling palletised refrigerated products around the country. “Hoyhaul was aware of the hi-cubic options in the drop deck single and B-double space and asked if we could apply a similar design to our refrigerated range,” says Robert Eppel, National Refrigerated Equipment Manager at Vawdrey Australia. “It was a challenge we were keen to take on.”

According to Vawdrey, the new PBS-approved trailer is a significant upgrade over the industry standard 22-pallet single van.

“Having extra pallet space is a huge difference to Hoyhaul, since it will help reduce a number of cost factors, including fuel and maintenance, and also means less vehicles on the road,” Robert says.

Cold chain logistics operators like Hoyhaul will benefit from a reinforced interior, with Vawdrey now fitting an aluminium rub rail fully welded to the floor and new exterior side rails top and bottom. The aluminium rails strengthen the integrity of the walls, which are also fully laminated to the floor, roof and front wall. “Not only are the rails stronger, but lighter too,” Robert says.

“Compared to the old rails, these aluminium ones take four to five kilograms per metre off the overall tare weight. Aluminium rub rails have also been used to improve durability. The rails can be easily fitted during production, thereby cutting the overall assembly time.”

To maximise carrying capacity inside the van, Vawdrey has fitted its new double buy diflucan in australia loader track along each side. “Drivers can use the tracks to fit double loader bars, which allow for forklift operators to lay extra pallets on board, effectively doubling the payload,” Robert says. “If not, the driver can simply remove the bars and stow them in a box  compartment underneath the trailer. This gives the fleet operator plenty of flexibility to adjust to suit the freight on any journey.

“To protect the integrity of the walls, if for instance the driver has inserted loader bars for double stacking, we’ve fitted wear plates along the top of the loader tracks. This will stop the pallets from damaging the walls.”

To help keep the cargo as fresh as possible, the PBS-approved Iceliner van features Thermo King’s SLXe-400 refrigeration unit, as well as 40mm fibreglass/foam sidewall panels, designed to hold temperatures as low as -28?C. The specified floor is Vawdrey’s standard distribution knurled aluminium floor, a non-slip surface that not only improves airflow, but also reduces the risk of injury from wet or slippery floors, says Robert.

“It’s a robust system that’s perfectly suited for the work Hoyhaul does as it will be constantly exposed to daily pallet jack and forklift use, while providing the extra grip needed,” 

he says. “A full-length, lightweight steel chassis, complete with galvanised crossmembers and rear frame, gives the trailer the added strength and durability that is necessary for heavy-duty applications across different roads and highways, all without affecting the payload.”

Also on board are additional safety features such rear steps with a platform and grab handle, interior LED lighting and timer switch.

“This latest Iceliner is an important moment in the development of our refrigerated product line-up for our customers like Hoyhaul, who demand nothing but the best – and that’s what we’ve delivered,” Robert says, revealing that the initial order was placed in late 2016 and will also includes two additional B-double reefer combinations that are currently in production.

The creation process behind the new Iceliner further enhances Vawdrey’s reputation as an OEM that won’t back down from innovation. As innovative trailing technology continues to flood the market, Vawdrey says that it will continue to improve its Performance-Based Standards approved portfolio to offer upgrades to the industry.

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