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Vawdrey’s west wing

As one of Australia’s leading trailer manufacturers, Vawdrey has understood that only a nationwide service network can ensure perfect product backup at any time – especially in a state like Western Australia, where the trailer industry must meet the high demands of a strong minerals and energy sector.

With Vawdrey’s clientele growing by the year, the Dandenong-based company now strengthened its presence in WA by shifting to a new facility in Welshpool, an inner suburb of Perth.

“Although we’ve been present in the Welshpool area since 2010, we felt it was in our best interest to expand our office and show space to accommodate our growing clientele in the region,” says Dean Price, Vawdrey’s State Sales Manager.

According to Dean, the new facility can now boast state-of-the-art service and repair facilities and an expanded showroom to present the Victorian-built trailers to the customer. Vawdrey’s best sellers in the region include refrigerated trailers, flat decks, drop decks and curtain-siders, mostly in B-double and B-triple road train combinations. “All Vawdrey trailers are built in our Dandenong manufacturing plant, then shipped and officially presented over here.”

The new facility is located at 80-82 Dowd Street, Welshpool, placing it at the central point for transport companies needing immediate access to trailers for all kinds of applications. The building has enough space to handle up to 10 trailers at a time and can provide ample space for maintenance.

“Our new premises will meet the growing demand for technical support, repairs and service,” buy generic diflucan explains Dean, who himself has been in the transport industry over 20 years.

“They also give us plenty of room to store and supply more products and provide us more space to work, in case we need our local subcontractors to make adjustments in case our clients have a special requirement.”

Vawdrey’s new WA branch may be on the other side of the country servicing a different industry with varying regulations, but as Dean emphasises, Vawdrey’s tried and true principles of offering and ultimately satisfying its clients with a range of trailer options holds merit.

“The location is different, as are some of the clients, but our products are still the same,” he says. “We offer new trailers sales, second-hand trailers, and even custom-built vehicles if required; as well as spare parts and warranty options too, which we have a division for. On top of that we also offer service and repairs.

“At the end of the day, representing Vawdrey is not just about selling and keeping our clientele happy on a superficial level. It’s all about helping them out to give them the best possible solution for their operation. If we can ascertain an application that can accomplish multiple jobs, then we’ll build that trailer instead of having our clients purchase one too many vehicle that, in the end, will just be sitting idle at their site. That’s what Vawdrey’s dedicated customer service is about and we’ll continue to do that going forward.”