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When service matters

For more than a quarter of a century, KTrans has invested in trailers from Vawdrey Australia to fulfil a range of freight tasks including the cartage of mining equipment throughout Western Australia. The latest order of LatchLiners to join the fleet represent trailing equipment efficiency and safety at its peak.

Perth-based logistics solution provider, KTrans, specialises in long-distance operations within Western Australia and capitalises on its extensive experience as a supplier to the state’s industrious mining sector. The family business diversified and expanded in the space of a decade and is holding its own during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Craig Jolly, Director Fleet and co-owner, says the KTrans fleet comprises over 80 prime movers, 185 trailers and 49 dollies – all of which are tailored for Northwest Pilbara express linehaul services, interstate linehaul express, Northwest Pilbara general linehaul services, local metro jobs, wharf cartage distribution and warehousing and landfill waste transportation.

KTrans has specified Vawdrey trailing equipment for a quarter of a century.

“We have been a longstanding customer of Vawdrey Australia spanning over a 25-year period,” Craig says. “Our close association is based on their engineering expertise; they have continued to lead industry and have set the benchmark in terms of working with customers, understanding their requirements and delivering quality equipment.”

KTrans’ fleet includes 36-pallet B-double drop deck Titeliners, 22-pallet drop deck / straight deck Titeliners and 13.7m skels, flat tops, dollies, skel frame axles and suspensions for compaction trailers.

Craig’s team recently took delivery of 10 trailers including 22-pallet drop deck, 36-pallet B-double and 22-pallet straight deck LatchLiner combinations. He says the most important features of these trailers are the user-friendly Lift-A-Gate systems which complement the LatchLiner buckle-less tensioner and closure system. “The elimination of traditional buckles helps to increase productivity and reduce the risk of vehicle operator injury; while the Lift-A-Gate enables an operator to quickly and efficiently lift a gate from the coaming rail via a strap rather than by hand.”

The majority of the Vawdrey trailers that KTrans uses assist with the fulfilment of long-term contracts for mining services that were awarded by Roy Hill Holdings.

“The Vawdrey trailers will travel from our Perth Distribution Centre to Roy Hill Mine (approximately 2,600km round trip) and Port Hedland site,” Craig says. “Their intended freight task involves daily departures of general mining equipment.”

Over the years, KTrans has adopted the latest engineering designs and harnessed the advantages of Performance-Based Standards (PBS).

“PBS enables the efficiency gains we require to be able to provide our customers with equipment that is lighter weight in construction, fitted with the latest innovations, particularly Vawdrey’s LatchLiner curtains and WABCO Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) for optimal operator safety.”

While PBS has proven to be a game-changer for KTrans, the rollout of ADR 38/05 (EBS with roll stability) ensures that their drivers have access to smart board displays in addition to running smarter equipment at reduced tare weights.

“Prior to being awarded a significant mining contract with Roy Hill Holdings we spoke with Paul Vawdrey – Director of Vawdrey Australia – regarding the very tight timelines we will have if we were successful,” Craig says.

“Paul assured us that he would meet the deadline and have the trailers built to our specification on time. We know Paul moved Heaven and Earth to achieve this.

“His can-do attitude epitomises the type of supplier we like to be associated with. Paul Vawdrey has been like that for over 25 years; that is why we are still doing business today.”

Fast Fact: The LatchLiner, according to Vawdrey Australia Director, Paul Vawdrey, is designed to be a safer and more efficient mechanism for heavy vehicle operators when working with trailer curtains. “Improving work health and safety for customers is always a top priority for Vawdrey and the innovative LatchLiner does just that,” he says. “It reduces the risk of injury as the operator does not have to exert force to use it. The system can open the equivalent of 68 buckles on a B-double in seconds, without adding any heavy and potentially damage-prone technology to the mix. As the LatchLiner does not require any pneumatic, hydraulic or electric support, it will last a long service life.”

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