Flex Contract Logistics trailers exclusively built by Vawdrey

Sydney-based business Flex Contract Logistics exclusively uses leading trailer manufacturer Vawdrey to build their trailer fleet. The transport business specialises in interstate linehaul and local distribution services and started operations just over a year ago. According to Managing Director of Flex Contract Logistics, Lachie Boyd, there was no choice but to use Vawdrey as the…

December 19, 2022
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An enhanced service offering

Gilders Transport and Logistics has worked with great passion over the past four decades to enhance the experience of its customers. By partnering with suppliers such as Vawdrey Australia, Gilders is delivering on its brand promise to be adaptable, reliable and professional.

August 12, 2021
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Vawdrey’s greatest show

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer, Vawdrey Australia, represented its complete portfolio of high productivity vehicles and innovative road transport solutions at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show.

June 11, 2021
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Making a ‘green’ sweep

Transport and logistics provider, Hi-Trans Express, has announced its intention to become carbon-neutral by 2025. Working with long-term and valued partner Vawdrey, the company is showcasing its commitment to this initiative with a new batch of Vawdrey B-doubles featuring ‘green’ graphics on the curtains.

February 27, 2021
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Leveraging the benefits

Auswide Transport Solutions has called upon the extensive experience of Vawdrey Australia for the production of high productivity Performance-Based Standards approved Titeliner B-doubles to further improve its operations.

December 14, 2020
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Waste not, want not

To facilitate the clean-up of vast swathes of plantation timber affected by the recent bushfires, logging operator and timber exporter Malec Bros has taken delivery of 22 B-double logging skels built in record time by trailer manufacturer, Vawdrey Australia.

September 22, 2020
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When service matters

For more than a quarter of a century, KTrans has invested in trailers from Vawdrey Australia to fulfil a range of freight tasks including the cartage of mining equipment throughout Western Australia. The latest order of LatchLiners to join the fleet represent trailing equipment efficiency and safety at its peak.

June 28, 2020
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Soldiering on

Family owned and operated transport and logistics company, OzWide Freight, invests in productive, reliable road transport solutions from Vawdrey Australia to boost productivity and ensure that its customers in Far North Queensland are receiving the best possible service.

May 6, 2020
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The smart move to LatchLiner

Whitehaul Transport has taken delivery of a LatchLiner and two Performance-Based Standards–approved drop deck B-double combinations from Vawdrey Australia to lead a more efficient and productive fleet.

February 18, 2020
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