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Flex Contract Logistics trailers exclusively built by Vawdrey

Sydney-based business Flex Contract Logistics exclusively uses leading trailer manufacturer Vawdrey to build their trailer fleet. The transport business specialises in interstate linehaul and local distribution services and started operations just over a year ago.

According to Managing Director of Flex Contract Logistics, Lachie Boyd, there was no choice but to use Vawdrey as the exclusive trailer manufacturer for the company’s fleet. Lachie had worked with Vawdrey for over 8 years in a prior role at Silk Contract Logistics.

“During my time at Silk Contract Logistics, I was able to witness the quality of Vawdrey through each and every trailer delivery,” he says. “My family has worked closely with Paul Vawdrey over the years, and we have developed a strong relationship because of that. We’ve always found his equipment to be the best in the market, very high quality and also high resale value. I know that Vawdrey provides the best trailing equipment in Australia, and Flex Contract Logistics is a business that delivers a very high level of service to its customers. So, making sure that we have the best equipment and setting ourselves up to be the best is of paramount importance.”

This included a recent large delivery of B-double mezzanine sets and B-double straight deck sets, of which Lachie has full confidence in to perform well on the road.

“It’s the best piece of equipment, and it comes with the best service we can get,” he says. You get the trust not only in the equipment but in the people at Vawdrey to make sure that your business is looked after for the long term. Everything goes back to the brand quality – we know what we’re getting. It’s manufactured here in Australia, and it comes with the highest level of service.”

These B-double sets will be used Australia-wide, and carry a variety of commodities including including palletised freight, timber and steel. As Lachie explains, Vawdrey was the right choice for this freight task as it surpassed every option the market has to offer.

“With every corner we looked at, Vawdrey continued to come out on top,” he says – adding that high quality and long service lifecycle are essential for Flex’s trailer fleet.

Importantly, there is a strong alignment of values between Flex and Vawdrey, with customer centricity at the core, which gives Flex comfort that each of its orders are prioritised and delivered every time. This is critical for the Flex fleet’s growth, which is accelerating at a rapid pace. Lachie looks forward to growing the fleet further with Vawdrey.

“We’ve had support from everyone involved at Vawdrey,” he says. “We’re growing very rapidly and we are looking forward to continuing the partnership with Vawdrey.”

With Vawdrey standing by its product and backing its promises every time, Lachie knows the fleet will perform to its highest capability.

“The longevity of this equipment is second-to-none and it’s backed by our relationship with Vawdrey,” he says. “You talk to drivers who are on the road daily, and every single one of them will tell you that Vawdrey builds the best piece of equipment. For us, it’s just really about high quality, longevity and making sure that we have the best piece of equipment on the road.”

A version of this article also ran on Trailer Magazine.

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